Monday, April 5, 2010

BWAAHAAA Balls Deep in Love

I'm watching The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day and it has some fantastic music in it. One of the songs is Balls Deep...and this is the only thing I could find on YouTube. Funnnny shit:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shit day turned great

Ever have one of those days that starts out super-shitty and ends up pretty damn wonderful? Today, for me, was that kind of day.

I think hubs has been on his man-period for oh, I dunno, the past year or so. Today I'd just had it with the anger, the moodiness, the "ME: what's up? HIM: nothing" bullshit, so I took the kids to the park just to escape the negativity in the house. They played, I figured out that I'd fucked up and told a lady I could make a particular chain maille bracelet out of the copper rings I currently have, but I really can't because the weave is too tight in all the sizes of copper rings I have.

As we were getting ready to leave, this lady walks up to me and says "Would you all like to stay and join us for our Easter egg hunt?" Let me insert a reminder here that me and the kids are not Christian, thus do not celebrate I felt a bit strange saying yes. HOWEVER, the kids were all "Please Mommy? PLEASE???" So we stayed. And stayed. And stayed. I didn't realize that the Easter egg hunt wasn't until after lunch, etc.

But it turned out really nicely. The kids got to play all day long with kids their age, weren't getting yelled at or in trouble because they were out of our boundaries (we have boundaries set for them at the house so we know where they are at all times, but they go out of them...etc, etc), and I got to hang out on a nice day, walk around a lot, help people and talk. I even helped (and participated in) with the egg hunt.

Seriously, these people fed us, invited us into their celebration and made us feel very welcome today. We stayed for almost 5 hours with these folks that we didn't know. How wonderful is that?

AND...I got hit on by a lady...asked for my number. ;)

So despite the bullshit at home, it turned out to be an extremely wonderful day. And the kids behaved really well.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A lesson in fucking your furniture - NOT work safe

Thank you Back Alley Bikes for the link.

What in the WORLD were these young men thinking?

Gotta love the way they keep pulling up their shorts. Oh-SO-SEXY.