Monday, October 18, 2010

Can we ever win?

Doesn't seem like we can.

The first week at school that M was on his new medication, it seemed to be working well. Now it seems that it isn't working so well...she says that from 10/13 to present, his behavior has deteriorated. And she filled out a new Conners rating scale and some stuff is WORSE than it was at the beginning of Sept. I wonder if she was in a bad mood when she filled out the scale or if this is accurately represented...I just don't know anymore.

I can't believe a medication can lose its efficacy that quickly. Maybe there is no satisfying this teacher. Maybe this *still* isn't the right dose. Maybe this isn't even the right medication.

I *think* it's working better than the Vyvanse was, but maybe not. At least he seemed to be even with the Vyvanse.

We see the psychiatrist this week, so I'm sure we'll be on the next dose up starting soon.

Have I mentioned how much I hate ADHD? It really sucks.