Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well it's about damn time

Fer reals peeps. I finally got my big ass out on my bike today. 5 miles. Mile 1 was hard, mile 2 better, miles 3 and 4 even better and mile 5 was back to hard cuz I was getting tired. needed to be done. And hopefully I will get out and ride more often. I can feel the weight creeping up, and god knows I don't need anymore of that. I've got enough, thank you very much.

So yay for me for getting out there and doing it, despite the chilly weather this morning. :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He's a Ballchinian

I'm letting my 8 yr old watch Men in Black II...we couldn't get MIB, so we settled for the 2nd one.

I walked in on the scene where Wil Smith says "He's a ball-chinian."

I looked up. And laughed little guy doesn't quite get the humor and there's no need to alert him to it yet.

As for me, I needed the laugh. And I took it. :)

NC State Farmers Market Fall Craft Fair

So I got into the Fall Craft Fair. YAY!

I got the email last night saying I'm in. Only one little issue, which may or may not be an issue at all - I'm not under the covered area. My Mom is bringing me one of those collapsible tent thingies, so hopefully that will work out.

I'm concerned that I don't have enough stock. I didn't want to make too much because I wasn't sure I'd be accepted; but now that I know I'm in, I need to make more stuff. Unfortunately, it's been a shitty few days that have left me feeling less than creative. And I'm one of those people who have a really hard time creating when I don't feel creative. I think part of it is my meds - I started taking the AD every other day instead of every day and I think it's catching up to me and my body is realizing that it's not enough. I'm going to go back to daily, I think.

Anyway, I need to make stuff. And get stuff together to take with me.

I find this hilarious.

Not work friendly (see? I remembered this time!)

I've had a pretty shitty few days. I had to boost these from Shine Out Loud cuz they made me laugh and sorta dance in my seat.

This one is by the same guy...not quite as funny, but it has a good beat.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

All of a sudden I feel like riding my bike...

but I can't. Cuz the kids are tracked out for the next 3 weeks.

I'm sure this sudden desire has to do with 1)not being able to; and 2)the gorgeous 70+ degree day we had today...and seeing all the roadies out enjoying the beauty.

I may drag the kids on a few short bike rides over track out.

Hubs doesn't get home early enough for me to ride while he watches kids in the afternoon now that the sun sets so damn early. Fucking winter.

I don't have lights and don't have money for them anyway, so that's out.

So the positive part is that while I may not be able to ride *exactly* as I *want* to, I can still ride. The kids can probably go a mile or 2 a day. It's something, right?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finally updated my photo blog...

Well, at least through yesterday.

Check it out. :D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Damn me for not taking a picture!

I was out at Jo-ann Fabric earlier, and as I was driving out of the parking lot, I spied a station wagon type car (do they still call cars station wagons?) with a "QUESTION AUTHORITY" sticker on the back glass. Hanging on either side of that sticker, but inside the car, were 2 tea bags. I've no idea if the sticker and the tea bags were related in some way.

Tea the family size Lipton kind.

Two thoughts went through my mind.
1. What the fuck?
2. Maybe this person likes to do the tea-bagging thing, which you can find out about here at

If you have another idea, I'm all ears.